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The Fall 2024 All-State Team criteria are available from the links below.

Fall 2024 All-State Criteria

Fall 2024 All State Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2024 Tournament Submission and Reporting Criteria

2024 All State Points Reports  (click on the form needed to download to report invitational points) 

Boys ALL State Report 2024

Girls ALL State Report 2024

If you see any errors in the points please contact the host coach for the event with the error. They will need to email to get the issue resolved!

If there are no points posted, the host hasn't submitted the report.

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Individual All State Points Standings 2023:

(Boys Final)

(Girls Final)



Team All State Points Standings 2023:

(Boys Final) 

(Girls Final)





2022 All-State Teams

Mr. Golf - Luke Coyle, Taylor County

Ms. Golf - Trinity Beth, Marshall County

Final All-State Points List for the 2022 Season

Boys Individual All-State Points

Girls Individual All-State Points


2022 Boys First Team All-State

2022 Girls First Team All-State

2022 Boys & Girls First Team All-State




2021 All State Teams

Mr. Golf - Luke Coyle, Taylor County

Ms. Golf - Trinity Beth, Marshall County

Final All State Points List for 2021 Season

Boys Individual All State Points

Girls Individual All State Points


Boys All State Team with KGCA Board Members


Girls All State Team



Boys and Girls All State Teams


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